Large camera on a tripod head with an award

The Blackmagic URSA wins Videomaker's NAB 2014 Best of Show.

The Blackmagic URSA is really representing 3+ cameras, so some might call it cheating, but we'll just say that it's huge when it comes to determining what movies are made with. The Blackmagic URSA EF, PL, Broadcast and HDMI cameras are hitting a sweet price point too at $6,000 and up, with the latter two pending prices and shipping dates for now. The Blackmagic URSA is one of the earliest cameras with 12G-SDI, and looks to make great use of the global shutter and 4K Super 35 sensor. The built-in 10-inch screen is a first as are the stations of the camera, set for a DOP, camera assistant, and audio engineer. We didn't even mention that DaVinci Resolve 11 is set to be included with the camera, so we're just getting more and more excited to start trying this one out from Blackmagic Design. 


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  1. Guys,

    This looks like a great camera, but this video review with your reporter is very poorly shot. The audio of the guy explaining the features is off mike much of the time and the camera operator doesn't seem to know what frame he is after – lots of annoying wobbles. Plus there's no real B Roll shots of the camera.

    What were you thinking? For a magazine/web site that focuses on video, I would have expected a much more professional presentation. Your operator needs to look at your own training videos and learn how to shoot this stuff properly. Maybe give them a copy of 'How to Shoot and Edit like a Pro'.

    Martin Johnson

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