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Sachtler Ace Accessory wins the Best Camera Accessory of NAB 2014 Award.

The collection of Ace Accessories includes the Ace Base Plate, Ace Follow Focus and Ace Matte Box. Each is an individual product, but when their powers combine, you become captain Ace using standard 15mm rods, accurate focus and matte boxes for the ultimate in camera control. A total of three flags act like barn doors while two slots allow you to easily mix gels (or rotate one). The reliability that many have come to expect from Sachtler is now in the Ace Accessories range. The strong but light tripods from this German company are easily seen in many productions. In our experience anything that moves the shoot along faster goes up in value, and the pricing for the Ace Accessories is nearing announcement, we're pretty sure that the frequency with which you'll turn to your Ace-ed rig will offset any cost pretty well.

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