Logo of YouTube - a red box surrounds "Tube" - like an old television screen

It is amazing how much video is being produced right now. YouTube is a huge reason that people are so willing to upload content, and yes, there should be the distinction between uploading and shooting, in fact I will often shoot video and not upload to YouTube. If you're like me, then you're adding to the countless amounts of video that are being shot right now, but look at the 100 uploading hours of video, stop, and think of how many are productions (certainly not all of them), and many are music videos, in fact all but one of the 30 most viewed YouTube videos of all time are music videos, as of today (May 21, 2013).

The big news is really nothing more than what many people have already sensed – that YouTube is getting bigger. Let's not forget that the website is a service for people, a way to share and discover video, and with the service comes a business aspect, as companies look to advertise with YouTube, the ads are sure to get wildly creative. But recall that sometimes, we viewers want to see the ads – take the Dove Real Beauty Sketches (link removed – no longer available) which became one of the most watched ads of all time. They have a very compelling message that is worth a few minutes away from all the comedy on YouTube. Apparently there are parodies to it, which seem to be a rite of passage into YouTube popularity – (I do love parodies).

Another significant part of the news is that YouTube is an 8-year-old company, and for websites, that's pretty good. As the use of YouTube grows, we can only hope that it means more people will be producing video, and that everyone will do their best to upload quality content, after all, video is coming faster than you can watch it, so it becomes more imperative that you're able to find exactly the video you want to watch. 

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