NAB 2013 – Manfrotto Spectra Spread of LED Lights

Little LED lights are always nice to have on set. Having some of the smallest LED fixtures available is even better. The Spectra LED panels have a handful of configurations including spot and flood versions. As far as handy goes, LED lights are some of our favorites because they are cool enough to handle, simple to operate and can provide the ability to change color temperature and be dimmed.

The Spectra L 1×1 400F has 576 LEDs and an output angle of 50-degrees. Daylight temperatures are reached with this one at 5600K. Here are two ends of the spectrum, the Spectra S50 has 12 LEDs mounted on the surface for 500 lux at one meter, and they have a boost mode for 50 percent additional light. The 1,152 LEDs in the Spectra L 1×1 400B contribute to the bi-color nature of this one. There is a lot to be said about being able to adapt, and having color temperature range from 3200K to 5600K is as handy as lights get. If you're going for the brightest light possible – you'll just diffuse or redirect extra light as needed, then you might land on the Spectra L 1×1 400S with its focused 1700 lux light at one meter and 30-degree spread.

[image:blog_post:32146]Ultimately, having a small LED light on set is going to help, and having multiple power options like AA batteries make it very possible to keep your production going strong.

Jackson Wong
Jackson Wong
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