Hands on the iStabilizer Dolly

I'm somewhat ashamed to admit it, but I really love shooting video on my iPhone. Maybe it's because it's always in my pocket, while my DSLR only comes out for formal shoots. The problem with the iPhone is that it really doesn't do motion very well. You'll get some crazy wobbling in the video if your shot is too bumpy or moves too quickly. That's why, to me, a stabilizer is really an important tool to have. The iStabilizer dolly helps you achieve silky smooth dolly shots with relative ease.


The iStabilizer Dolly is almost like a GorillaPod with wheels. The arm that holds the phone mount is firm, but flexible, allowing you to bend it to just about any angle you want. The wheels are essentially inline skate wheels attached to a flat plate. Both axles have the ability to turn, giving the iStabilizer the ability to orbit around your subject, allowing for some pretty interesting moves. Taking it for a spin, we tried it on a table top and laminate floor, and we found the dolly to move very smoothly. Outdoors is a bit more difficult. Smooth concrete will give you a very nice move, but asphalt will likely be too bumpy.

The phone grip on the iStabilizer Dolly is strong, yet gentle on your phone. It's designed to clamp onto the phone from two sides and is lined with silicon grips to prevent scratching. Additionally, the clamp can be removed to expose a standard 1/4 20 threaded ball mount, in case you wanted to attach a smaller camera like a point and shoot still camera, light weight DSLR, or even a GoPro. 

In general, we found the iStabilizer Dolly to be a joy to use. Given the nature of the flexible arm, it can be difficult to make sure your camera is perfectly level. Additionally, the axles don't snap into place, so keeping the wheels straight can be a challenge. These are minor gripes, however, as the iStabilizer Dolly was clearly made to have fun with, and in that, it achieves its goal.


  • Secure grip
  • Firm yet flexible arm
  • Can attach a variety of cameras


  • Difficult to get a straight and level shot

Price: $60


Mike Wilhelm
Mike Wilhelmhttps://www.videomaker.com
Mike is the Editor-in-Chief of Videomaker and Creator Handbook

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