Videomaker Challenge 5: Shoot for Reverse

Before I dive into Challenge 5, I really want to thank everyone who participated in last week's challenge. Don't ask me why, but those cheesy transitions crack me up every time. They're especially hilarious when paired with otherwise serious content.

So that brings us to the next challenge! For the last couple of weeks we've asked for submissions that are usualy made up of footage that many of you already had in the can. This time we want you to go shoot something new.

EDIT: As a reminder, everyone who participates gets a complementary 3-month subscription to Videomaker Plus!

Videomaker Challenge 5: Shoot for Reverse

What does that mean exactly? Sometimes you have to shoot something that you plan on reversing in post production. For example, if you need a shot of a car racing toward someone in the middle of the street and stopping just before it hits them, it's a lot easier (and safer) to start with the car inches away from the person's face, then backing away from them in reverse. When you reverse the shot in post production it'll appear that the car is moving toward the subject and stops just in the nick of time.

There are other reasons you'd want to reverse footage. If you were to shoot someone walking backwards down a busy street, reversing that shot would make it look like the entire world is moving backwards in time while the main subject moves forward. The result can been a very eerie and disorienting shot; perfect for a science fiction story!

Our challenge to you is to shoot an entire video in reverse, then edit it back to forward motion! If you can capture shots that make sense within the narrative of your video, and it isn't just video playing backwards, mission accomplished.

How to Submit a Video:
It's a simple, two-step process.
1. Upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo.
2. Post your submission in a Videomaker Forum Topic here.

We realize that planning a shoot can take time, so for this challenge, we're giving you two weeks to submit your entries. The last day to submit your video is November 16th.

This one should be pretty fun and we can't wait to see what you can do!


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Mike Wilhelm
Mike Wilhelm
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