Videomaker Weekly Challenge: Week 2


We're really excited to get as many submissions as we did for week one, especially considering the technical difficulties many experienced with the submission forums, which are hopefully now fixed. If you've been keeping an eye on the front page of Videomaker, you've likely seen some of the entries. Head over the forums to see the rest. With that said, here are the details for next week:

Week 2: Shoot a chase scene with a non-human participant

This one will be a little tougher than last week, but I have confidence in you all! Here's how it should go: shoot a short chase sequence in which either the subject being chased or doing the chasing is not human! A few examples: a child chasing a ball, a dog chasing a cat, or a director chasing his or her dreams! (I'd love to see that one). For the uninitiated, the basic process is the same as last week. See below for details or check out our first post introducing the challenge for a more complete breakdown.


How to Submit a Video:

It's a simple, two-step process.

1. Upload your video to YouTube.

2. Post your submission in a Videomaker Forum Topic here.


What Happens:

Your video will be posted for all to see in the challenge forum. Additionally, the Videomaker editors will post a different submission on the front page every day of the week.


Why You Should Participate:

To put your skills and creativity to the test, of course! Plus, it's fun! OK, If that's not enough for you, we'll also give you THREE FREE MONTHS of Videomaker Plus, just for submitting a video that meets the challenge requirements. Everyone's a winner!


The rules:

1. Keep it tasteful. Please keep your video free of vulgarities or sexually explicit/suggestive imagery.

2. No Copyrighted material… that means no movie/TV clips or music that you don't have the rights to use. If you need royalty free music, check out our stock music page.

3. Videos must be submitted as YouTube links. No other domain will be accepted,

4. Your submission must be your original work. If you submit something created by someone else, you will be disqualified (and publicly ridiculed)!

5. Keep the duration between thirty seconds and two minutes


Thanks in advance to everyone who sends us video. We can't wait to see them!


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Mike Wilhelm
Mike Wilhelm
Mike is the Editor-in-Chief of Videomaker and Creator Handbook

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