Sony Creative Software’s SpectraLayers Pro Strikes a Tone

The SpectraLayers Pro program takes audio editing to another dimension. This is true to a fuller extent than you think since SpectraLayers Pro opens up many different frequencies that would otherwise be impossible to isolate in other audio editing programs. This allows you to remove noise that you select from a specific frequency. It can be a very simple process and very rewarding, afterall, haven’t you recorded audio when an unsympathetic car drives by or a loud fan is turned on in the middle of your 12th take?

For all those occasions when you can’t get clean and crisp audio, SpectraLayers Pro is exceptionally suited to help you through such a situation. You’ll likely want to focus in on very specific tweaks and cleanups, because as with many digital wonders – the more you use it, the more apparent it is that your raw materials have been adjusted in post. Not that that couldn’t be used to help tell a story, afterall how else would everyday objects begin to sound like WALL-E?

There is ability to edit harmonics and frequency in SpectraLayers Pro, so it’ll be very easy to get in depth with your audio. It might take some getting used to the idea of seeing audio in multiple dimensions and should make recording with different mics a whole new adventure. As an audio editing program, SpectraLayers Pro still provides many options that you’d expect, noise reduction in the typical sense of a sample and cleaning out of said sample, and there is the ability to record new audio as well. Hence the name, you can take a single layer of audio and play with one part of the bass, including time and pitch adjustment or copy it and paste to another layer.

Sony Creative Software really provides some strong audio editing tools for a competitive cost of $375. The download is available for both Apple and PC computers, so consider the free trial and start looking deeper into your audio, just don’t expect to remove all the lyrics from your favorite song so that you can record your own cover.

Jackson Wong
Jackson Wong
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