Capture the Best Sound with Advanced Audio for Video

Videomaker has released a new DVD to help videographers, filmmakers, teachers and documentarians capture the best possible audio for their video productions in the recording studio. "How to: Advanced Audio for Video." This complete guide includes training for how to record voice-overs, how to mic groups of people, how to use limiters, compressors and noise gates, and more.Learn how to eliminate background noise and get better overall sound. Creative video enthusiasts want audiences to see them as being professional. Clean audio is essential for creating that professional image, so there's never been a better time for the dedicated creator to improve their audio abilities.

"How to: Advanced Audio for Video" is the no-nonsense guide to audio that will help any video creator conquer the sound problems that have been holding them back. Videomaker's editors collected all the best audio solutions to make any production sound great. Learning the tips and tricks to record and edit audio will raise the production value of any project and convince people that they're dealing with a real pro. In How to: Advanced Audio for Video, Videomaker explains everything from the initial recording process to the post production filtering. 

How to: Advanced Audio for Video includes:

How to Record Voice Overs – Almost all videos make use of voice-overs — from news reports to commercials to documentaries, the voice-over helps explain the action on screen to the audience. This video segment will lay out all the steps to recording a perfect voice-over, from finding the right quiet recording space to choosing the best type of microphone.

How to Use Compressors, Limiters and Noise Gates – Learn how to use compressors, limiters and noise gates to make audio sound its very best.

How to Use Audio Effects and Filters in Post – Plagued by annoying hisses and hums in your audio? You thought that the room was silent while you were recording, but now you hear all sorts of intrusive background noise. See how to improve an audio mix using practical recording techniques and effects and filters like EQ, Lowpass, Highpass and Notch filters as well as compressors, limiters and reverb.

How to Mic Groups of People – You can get good sound even without a recording studio. Learn some of the more complicated group mic set-ups and what kind of microphone can be used for each.

How to Sync Dual System Sound – Capturing flawless video and awesome audio is certainly a crucial part of the process but if the two aren't properly synchronized in post then the results will be disastrous. See how to bring it all together using timecodes, slates and waveforms, and synching software. Your overall sound will improve exponentially.

How to Design a Professional Sound Mix in Post – See show you how to design a professional sound mix in post, using ducking, frequency gaps and normalization to get a particularly professional polish. When it comes to video, sound signifies everything. It may be a visual medium, but no videographer can afford to ignore sound. To make a great video that people can recognize as great, he needs to create the ultimate marriage between sight and sound. Only after achieving this union, with both video and your audio working in concert, will a project reach its full potential. Most videographers are already skilled at the visual side of things, but this DVD will help them get up to speed on the audio side. You don't need to have your own professional recording studio to capture great audio for the smoothest mix. To learn more, visit How to: Advanced Audio for Video.

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