Pro Gear Highlight: Cambo CS-CILIX

The CS CILIX is a modular hand held camera support rig designed for professional DSLR cameras. The rig facilitates a number of attachments and aids in stabilizing the camera while shooting.

Features: A DSLR camera is mounted on the rig via a quarter inch thread on the camera mount. The distance between the center of the camera lens and the rods varies depending upon the sizes of cameras. By loosening the bolt on the camera mount with help of an Allen key, the position of camera mount can be raised or lowered vertically. The rods are attached to the camera mount, two parallel and one perpendicular. The parallel rods are provided to attach different accessories. To lock the rods in place, the clamps provided need to be twisted. This allows for quick and hassle free attachment of the rods to the mount. A follow focus system can be attached on either rail, depending upon the type of camera. Matte box with filter holder or a flexible type can be attached to the rods in front of the lens. The handle grips are attached to the rod perpendicular fixed to the camera mount. These rubber padded hand grips are curled in shape to allow for a more comfortable grip when holding the rig. On top of the handle is a 3/8 inch socket which allows additional weights or Electronic View Finders to be attached. In case the additional attachments make the rig heavy or if more stability is desired, then the rig can be attached to a tripod. This is achieved by connecting the tripod to the quarter inch thread provided at the bottom of the camera mount.

Specifications: – Compliant with the Arriflex 15 mm Light Weight Standard – The rods are positioned 60 millimeters apart and 85 millimeters below the optical axis of the camera lens – Rods Three rods having a length of 220 millimeters and diameter of 15 millimeters each – Clamps Two perpendicular 15 millimeter rod clamps and one triple 15 millimeter rod clamp

Cambo CS CILIX – Price: $ 599.00

Mike Wilhelm
Mike Wilhelm
Mike is the Editor-in-Chief of Videomaker and Creator Handbook

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