Grinner Survives Massive Car Crash in in-your-face-video

On April 20, long-time Videomaker community member Grinner Hester was shooting the third qualifying session of Summit Racing Top Sportsman at the 2012 ADRL Spring Drags III at Bristol Dragway in Tennessee. Things seemed pretty normal until 21-year-old Lizzy Musi lost control of her car. And, well, just see for yourself:

It's almost impossible to believe that the footage of the crash was captured by a living, breathing videographer; Grinner's dedication to capturing the shot is nothing short of astounding as he calmly keeps shooting even as the out-of-control race car is barreling down on him. Only at the last possible second does he leap out of harm's way, jumping over the partition onto the racetrack as the wreck knocks his camera down. Miraculously, both Grinner and Lizzy emerged from the ordeal unscathed. Even then, though, Grinner immediately gets back in the game. No sooner has the smoke cleared than he's picked up his camera again to get back to the scene. And finding Lizzy Musi unhurt, he gets the first post-crash interview with her! Grinner's remarkable dedication is a testament to the videographer's craft — though, we're just glad to see he made it out in one piece!

Grinner's video has since gone viral (and for good reason!), appearing on sites like Brosome and Jalopnik. Grinner is a long-time and valuable participant on the Videomaker forums; some of you might know him for his work on the Streetfire Show. As Videomaker Managing Editor Jennifer O'Rourke says: "Grinner is…. Grinner. He's a nut, he's radical, he's Zen… he shoots wild video, races cars and sometimes… does them both at the same time. The other moderators admire and respect him… and are often in awe of him. He's just… Grinner." Good job, Grinner!

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