NAB 2012 Spotlight: HP Z1 – Workstation

Spotlight: HP Z1 – Workstation We've been watching this one for a while, and a good thing since it's going to change the layout of lots of video editor's desktops. The Z1 brings the upgradeability of a workstation to the desktop, and an all in one desktop at that. Building from a good base is a life lesson, and the Z1 understands it with two of it's three available processors as a quad-core Intel Xeon processor that is usually reserved for the highest-end computers.

Since the largest thing you'll see in this computer is the monitor, HP provides a 27-inch display that can tilt horizontally and snap open to allow your to add your upgrades. Cool features also include a Blu-ray slot-load writer, 1080p webcam and SATA storage up to 2TB and 300GB SSD. [image:blog_post:12857] [image:blog_post:12858] In case you missed our first post on the Z1 or are interested in how the announcements sound when they become presentations – click here.

Jackson Wong
Jackson Wong
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