NAB 2012: Frezzi Offers an Early Hylight

The HyLight is an LED compact studio light that is prepped for travel and convenience. Frezzi knows that HMI lighting gets hot and hard to use, so as an alternative, the HyLight will be shown at NAB Show 2012. The full dimming ability in the HyLight is always a useful function, reducing equipment and saving space. The color is touted to be vivid and excellent for lighting skin. Just think of how many times you have humans as your subject, or someone's face as a focal point, this is clearly a big plus.

Similar to the dimming capability, Frezzi includes flexibility with color temperature via interchangeable lamp modules with degrees at 24, 32 and 50 (for more on the photometrics click here and read into the HLK-2A Dual Head Travel Kit section.) Somehow we've come to expect funny fringes with shadows from LED light sources, and most times, that's okay but when the 24W HyLight acts more like a single point of light, you'll get cleaner shadows. The included barn doors will further allow you to manipulate your light. These both add to a list of reasons for this light to replace a hotter spotlight in your studio.

If you wanted to place your lights in a side-by-side comparison, the HyLight will likely be the dwarf, generally lights measuring less than two-inches in one dimension and seven in another are considered on-camera lights, but the HyLight should be able to find a home in your studio. Certainly, it'll find a place next to your camera bag, as it can come as a two-light kit with travel case, batteries, battery chargers,stands, and filters for a total weight of 25lbs. Time to brush up onVideomaker's guidelines for lighting kits.

[image:blog_post:12931] The HyLight accepts batteries that attach via an Anton/V-mount, though DC power configurations are an option. The notion of travel lights should always include durability, and you should find this light ready for any weather, operating silently and sturdy since it has no moving parts. Our biggest concern is the 5/8-inch mount which probably won't be compatible with all of your light stands.

Discuss the new HyLight on the Videomaker forums. [image:blog_post:12932]

Mike Wilhelm
Mike Wilhelm
Mike is the Editor-in-Chief of Videomaker and Creator Handbook

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