NAB 2012: Autodesk Smoke 2013 Will Blow You Away

Autodesk Smoke 2013 moves away from node-based platforms with a layered structure, much like the video editing programs used across the industry. If you think that's huge, get a load of the price drop. Autodesk Smoke used to be $15,000, but now it's $3,500! This complete editing software for Macs is now going to reach a whole new group of professionals and enthusiasts.

Known for high-end quality effects, Autodesk retained these effects within the editing workflow and strived to simplify the whole process. Now they've got one of the most attainable, respected effects software available. What Smoke 2013 does retain is node-based compositing within the timeline, and therefore keeps your work within the same software program. Creative tools fill in a lot of work in terms of finishing, professional color grading, 3D editing and compositing,and matching and one-click chromakeying.

Autodesk is working to respond to their survey that returned with 82 percent of their users saying they were less than pleased with the support for HD and similar formats. Fully being able to edit video, add high-end effects and complete post-production is really going to be a strength for Smoke 2013, and the best part is, the capabilities are what you'd search for in plug-ins or as part of a suite of products from other software providers.

[image:blog_post:12910] The creators are calling it a super app, but we're just excited to see the 20-year leader of visual effects listening to their users, adapting their software and maintaining high enough quality to keep the same name. Afterall, if you created a new product for more than 75 percent off of its previous price, chances are you'd call it something else, but this is not the case with Autodesk's Smoke 2013.

To go along with the severe price reduction, the system requirements got a trim. An up-to-date Apple iMac or MacBook Pro with high-bandwidth Thunderbolt is able to run Smoke 2013.

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