Tiffen DFX Effects Software Wins Videomaker CES 2012 "Spotlight Award"

If you've ever had to try to fix an image after it's already been edited into your video project, you know how painstaking it can be. Tiffen has come along to help you make that better with it's DFX video and editing effects suite. Tiffen DFX is a plug-in filter that in many ways mimics the screw-on glass lens filters that professional photographers use, but it's like having a filter on steroids.

Version 3 has added even more filters for optical effects along with interface improvements and host support. The digital filters are made to simulate Tiffen's glass filters – and you don't have to try to find one that fits your lens… nor are you stuck with the effect that a screw-on lens might produce. The effects are easy to apply, fun to use, and can take your videos from good to outstanding in a very professional way, which is why we gave Tiffen the Videomaker Spotlight Award for CES 2012.

Among the filters DFX offers are film grain, color correction, natural light and other photographic effects like black and white, sepia tone, sunset highlights and soft focus on specific elements in a shot to help highlight features you wish to ensure your audience pays closer attention.


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One of the coolest thing about these effects is being able to "play" with the DFX effects online; you really get a feel for what the effect can do, from rack focus and gels to the mysteriously names pro-mist and black-mist filter effects … it's fun and educational.

[image:blog_post:13019]One thing I like best about our job is going to CES and seeing all the new toys, er… gadgets… and the next best thing to being a Rock Star has to be the reaction we get when we approach the product manager of a company we've just nominated for an award to present them with the lovely trophy!

Pictured here are three of Tiffen's company representatives with Videomaker's own Content Director, Rich Ober [right], and behind me, out of sight of my camera, is a horde of people also taking pictures – it was a wonderful moment.

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As I often do, I wore a pedometer to the show and clocked in 25+ miles in 3 days – yep – we covered the show floor from top to bottom and handing out the awards made all our hard work worthwhile.

Tiffen sent us an advance copy of the DFX v3 for review a few weeks before the CES announcements, watch for that review coming up in the April issue of Videomaker and a sneak-peek online look very soon.

Watch for more final CES 2012 announcements all next week as we finalize our notes from our trip. It was super fun and we're already making plans for NAB 2012 – the National Association of Broadcasters tradeshow – in April this year – see you there!

Jennifer O’Rourke is an Emmy award-winning videographer & editor.