SanDisk Shows Off 128 GB SD Card and 64 GB iNAND

SanDisk just announced two new products: a 128 GB SD card dubbed the "world's fastest", and a 64 GB iNAND Ultra flash drive using their 19nm process technology. Much like it's rival, Lexar, which also announced a 128 GB SD card due later in the year, SamDisk is also trying to push out higher capacity and faster flash memory. To be honest, most camcorders don't require speeds as high as SanDisk claims for their newest flash offering but it can help capture high definition footage more reliably at higher sustained speeds. Of course it's biggest advantage is being able to offload footage from the cards to a computer or laptop in record time.

In this regard, SanDisk actually claims that you can offload an hour-long HD video in 5 minutes using their card which can reach speeds of up to 45 megabytes per second. Much like Lexar, SanDisk is also emphasizing it UHS-I rating for the card, or the Ultra High Speed architecture, which is certified to capture hours of top-quality video footage without any dropped frames. That might be great but the biggest question that remains is how many shooters will be wanting to buy a card that can store 10 hours of HD video at a time. That's an awful lot of footage to go the way of the DoDo if something happens to the card between taking it out of your camcorder and putting it in a card reader.

I suspect that for most shooters, 64 or even 32 GB will be all they'll be willing to risk. In addition, SanDisk also announced their move into the iNAND flash world with their 64 GB iNAND Ultra flash memory unit. These units are designed to be the main storage unit for mobile phones and tablets. At 64 GB, and a size of 11.5mmx13mm, they've given mobile phone manufacturers another way to offer more to their customers. The iNAND flash unit is rated for 20 megabyte per second write speeds and 80 megabyte per second read speeds.

There's no set price for either of these products yet.

Daniel Bruns
Daniel Bruns
Dan Bruns is an award winning cinematographer and editor.

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