Samsung Behind Transparent Flexible Displays
Samsung Mobile Display is showing up as the producer of a transparent and flexible smartphone display. The concept seems far off, but flexible displays have been seen at previous showcases and see-through displays aren't far off either. Combining both with the interactions of a smartphone will be a great step away from the now typical rectangular touch smartphones.

The display at the heart of this development is found on current Samsung smartphones. The active-matrix organic light-emitting diode or AMOLED is guiding new displays in a more efficient manner. The same technology may soon be applied to many other areas such as TVs. I imagine seeing a lot of issues with contrasts between depth.

The idea is also supposed to support 3D projections, which, if combined with textured displays will put technology dangerously close to a sci-fi hologram. If anyone thought holding a small cell phone to one's head looked funny, it is possible one will instead appear to be holding a clear little plate to his or her head. Such a smartphone will require a beacon function so that it can be found if separated from the user. In all seriousness, transparent display means videos will have a heightened importance on contrast, getting the right colors and establishing a frame.

As for the flexibility of display…I can't begin to pre-plan for all the possibilities there. Afterall, filmmakers have the power to manipulate depth from the content's perspective, but never has the user been able to control the depth of those images. With plenty of hums about this technology surfacing now, it is our hope that showcases like CES in January will provide us another stepping stone. There's likely to be lots of competition with the displays for smartphones in 2012, hopefully it will all transition nicely for high resolution video.

Jackson Wong
Jackson Wong
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