Cold to the Touch Screen

Touch screen gloves are a quick solution to using touch screens in the cold. Whether it is your smartphone or a camcorder menu, gloves with conductive metal threaded into the tips will keep you and touch screens functional by warding off numbness. Ever find yourself shooting in the early morning light? Some of the best natural light comes only in the morning or evening and that coincides with some of the day's lowest temperatures. Trying to adjust exposure or unlock your phone may be impossible with gloves on and easy to get wrong with frozen fingers.

The gloves that I found on the shelves of a department store aren't so thick that dexterity will be lost. These gloves don't appear much different from ordinary gloves, except for the tips of each finger featuring shiny little lines. It's these threaded points of conductive material that will allow touch screens to sense your fingers. It sounds simple because it is, I found a do it yourself video that I'd love to try, but this is after I'd swiped my card for the pair of gloves last Saturday.

The example uses silver-coated thread stitched into the tips of the glove, the best part of making your own will be to put conductive threading at more points than just the pads of the fingers. I know use the extreme points of my fingers to operate touch screens so I'd stitch material on the very tips. You may get as creative with your needle work as you can, it's simply not my expertise. Or if you need a quick option, look for stores to have touch screen gloves around $20.

So now, you might add gloves to your list of gear to grab, with heat resistant gloves for adjusting lights in the studio and cold resistant gloves for those outside shoots with touch screen equipment. Touch screens continue to get better and more pervasive, so we can expect more accessories to go along with them. Disclaimer: Compatibility with individual gloves and touch screens may vary.

Jackson Wong
Jackson Wong
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