Windows 8 – Tablet Users will have a New OS Interface

Windows 8 will go where no Windows program has gone easily before to the tablet market. If you're thinking of buying a tablet in the future, you might have to wait just a wee bit longer, because Windows 8 promises to be a better interface for the tablet user but won't be out until probably next spring. Windows 8 will work with a touchscreen operation and includes a Facebook-like sharing sidebar called Share Charm. At last years Consumer Electronics Show [CES], Microsoft announced that Windows 8 was in the works, this week at the Build developers conference in Anaheim, Microsoft announced '8' be coming soon to a tablet near you. Developers say the cloud-based use will be better and easier and there will be 300 new features for cloud and business management.

According to the technical site, ars technica, Windows 8 will have a genuine, uncompromised tablet operating system, in other words tablet use wont be an afterthought, and users of non-Apple tablets should be able to enjoy the tablet experience that iPad users revel in. Instead of a program made for keyboard and mouse use being fitted into a tablet users world, the new program will have an easier touchpad experience, with better icons and text, literally from startup with a touchscreen interface. You can pick up tiles, or icons, and move them around, swipe left, right or from the top, and pinch-zoom.

Once the iPad hit the market, the tablet genie was out of the bottle, and manufacturers and product developers have been trying to take a nibble from that exclusive pie ever since. IT World got the first exclusive look, and discusses its many new features. According to reports, Windows 8 wont be on tablets on store shelves until April or May of 2012. We have several different models of tablets here at Videomaker to experiment with their use and workablility, so we cant wait to see Windows 8 in action. Well keep you updated on how these amazing little devices will work for you in your video-producing world.

Windows 7 – Hero? or Foe? When Windows 7 launched in October 2009, many people read about some of the problems and concerns that early adopters were dealing with and decided to wait. But, oh! Along came Adobe CS5 first, with its 64-bit processing mandates, and then many other editing programs that all demanded an upgrade to Windows if you were going to use their programs. Windows 7 IS faster, feels more stable, and has more GPU feature support in the 64-bit world.

Weve all recovered, and like the Y2K scare that never happened, the editing world as we knew it didnt come crashing down. I, for one, hesitated about upgrading to Windows 7 because, unlike previous Windows upgrades, moving to Windows 7 meant a complete rewrite on my system, one in which I had to reinstall every single program I used, including my email server; which, in reality meant having to organize all my shortcuts, bookmarks, desktop links and C-drive; and then I had to store them on a special file to reload later. But I was upgrading to CS5 and Avid Media Composer 5, and needed a beefier system, so now seemed the time to bite the bullet and organize. It was a hassle, but it was worth it. Windows 8 might do for tablets what Windows 7 did for desktops well let you know as soon as we know!

Jennifer O'Rourke
Jennifer O'Rourke
Jennifer O’Rourke is an Emmy award-winning videographer & editor.

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