RED Hints at 4K Projector Powered by Lasers

In typical fashion, RED founder Jim Jannard revealed on the RED User forum that they're hard at work on a new projector powered by lasers. Also in typical RED fashion they didn't give a price or a release date, just a quote from Stephen Pizzo, the co-founder of Element Technica who said, After watching a demo of REDs laser projector Ive been struggling to find a way to describe it. Comparing it to traditional professional systems is completely inadequate. I have never witnessed 3D that was as bright or brighter as the best 2D projections until now. It generated the best color, best dynamic range and best images I have ever seen in 3D or even 2D. When I learned we were watching at 1/4 of its total resolution I was speechless.It was so clean and so vibrant the only thing I can compare it to is Cibachrome. Thats it, a giant moving Cibachrome!

Mark L. Pederson from OffHollywood also had good things to say about the newest piece of RED technology. He said, "Aldey & I got treated to a sneak peak yesterday and we could not stop watching. You have to see it to believe it. I have NEVER seen better projection – from any projector – at any price point. I can't stop thinking about it. It was beyond stunning." That's pretty high praise for a projector. Albeit, a projector that can display at 4K resolutions.

It would seem that RED's new game plan is to have customers shoot video with their 5K cameras, edit it in REDcode RAW, burn it to a RED RAY disc, and display it using their new passive 4K projector. Sounds like all they need now is a program to edit the whole thing with. Of course one of the biggest concerns will be price.

Though RED founder Jim Jannard announced they'll be making the projector for home and theater use, it's probably still going to be out of the range of the average consumer if their camcorder costs are any indication. However, there's no denying that living in a world where 4K resolution is the norm will be sweet.

Daniel Bruns
Daniel Bruns
Dan Bruns is an award winning cinematographer and editor.

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