Sternfx Releases Advanced Training for Premiere Pro

Eran Stern, a long time After Effects enthusiast and Adobe Certified Expert and Instructor, just released a new training series focused on advanced techniques in Premiere Pro. The course includes segments like Advanced Editing Tricks, Mastering Audio Mixes, Using Transparent Video, and Dynamic Linking. It’s aimed at beginning to intermediate Premiere editors who want to take their skills to a more advanced level.

This comes at an interesting time for Adobe as a number of long-time editors have started to consider switching from programs like Final Cut Pro to Adobe’s Premiere. Though many editing programs offer unique features that make them powerful editing tools, Adobe’s GPU integration has caught the eye of many editors who are looking to save valuable time. That’s why it’s so interesting to see a long-time After Effects veteran like Eran Stern, taking the time to produce educational segments on Premiere Pro. It’s a sign that editors are taking enough interest in Premiere for training like this to be feasible.

The series includes more than 4 hours of advanced training and includes free HD clips from Artbeats which is an industry favorite for stock media. Eran also has a website that shows some advanced tips and techniques in After Effects so if you want to see his teaching style in action, you can visit his blog or his website.

Additionally, for those who want an in-depth and comprehensive training in Premiere, Videomaker also offers an easy to follow Complete Training for Adobe Premeire CS4. This educational DVD, combined with the advanced training from Eran Stern, might just be the perfect combination to help you finally learn how to edit with this powerful program.

Daniel Bruns
Daniel Bruns
Dan Bruns is an award winning cinematographer and editor.

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