Versatile cameras from Sony: DSC-HX100V and DSC-HX9V

Sony just started to offer two new cameras for both photos and video. These new cameras are the solid little Cyber-shots, with 16.2megapixel, Exmor R CMOS image capturing and 1920x 1080p video at 60 fps. The lenses lean on the wide side at 27mm, with 30x optical zoom for the DSC-HX100V and 24mm with 16x optical zoom in the DSC-HX9V. For the budding photographer, a high resolution panorama mode is included in both models, allowing a 1080×4096 image. For the traveler, Sony has built in tracking activity on an Internet capable PC with the location and shooting direction courtesy of its GPS and compass. The auto mode is complimented with a fast auto focus which will shorten your setup time. Also, the camera’s search function will make getting through the menu system a breeze.
Much like Sony’s Handycam line, Dual Record mode is included on both models and shifting from one mode to another is easy with a dedicated button for both photo and video. Sony also included an image stabilization feature for when you’re zoomed in or holding the camera in your hand.
The DSC-HX100V is the larger of the two with a DSLR body style. Thankfully, this size allows for a focus ring, so in order to add a rack focus or macro shot to your list, you’ll end up shelling out a bit more at $450. The DSC-HX9V on the other hand, is $350 and more true to Cyber-shot structure. In either case, if these kinds of features get your heart pumping, both cameras are available for pre-order.

Jackson Wong
Jackson Wong
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