Samsung announces two new point-and-share camcorders

Samsung has announced the launch of the two latest point-and-share camcorders in its 2011 lineup. The Full HD HMX-P300 and HMX-P100 have been designed for those who love sharing videos with friends and family, and enjoy capturing film spontaneously and uploading just as quickly. Stylish, pocket-sized and affordable, the HMX-P300 and HMX-P100 have been created to be carried anywhere, and make uploading and sharing special moments both easy and fun.

The HMX-P300 and HMX-P100 are also the ultimate point-and-share camcorders for those who want to upload their videos quickly and easily. Through the new One Touch Sharing feature, users can select which website they want to upload files to directly from the LCD screen. Both point-and-share camcorders come with advanced Intelli-Studio 2.0 software pre-installed so its easy to connect to a PC and start sharing straight away.

The HMX-P300 is also specially adapted to make video capture easy from any angle, by including a 3x Optical Zoom and Pivot Recording Mode, enabling you to capture greater detail at any occasion, such as concerts or sporting events, in horizontal or vertical frames. The 3x Optical Zoom allows you to record in clear and brilliant detail while on-the-go, without sacrificing video quality. The 3 230K pixel Touch LCD screen can also rotate to give multiple shooting angles that allow the user a full, clear view of their subject without sacrificing the shot through portrait or landscape orientation. To make sure that you dont miss any of the action, the Samsung HMX-P100 is also built with an LCD screen that has an 80-degree viewing angle, so no matter how youre holding your point-and-share camcorder, youll enjoy a clear view every time. Both point-and-share camcorders can also function as cameras, with 8M Pixel (HMX-P300) and 5M Pixel (HMX-P100) still image capture.

HMX-P300 MSRP:$199

HMX-P100 MSRP: $149

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