ContourGPS shows off new upgrade

Getting video off the beaten trail is certainly easier with the ContourGPS, but being able to compose a shot to include what you want is invaluable. Think of how often you use the LCD screen on a camcorder or DSLR – translate thatonto yourmobileand you have yet another use for the biggest screen you can find on a touch phone.

The combination of built-in Bluetooth and the mobile app, reveal a viewfinder inone piece of equipment that should already be on your pre-shoot checklist.Shot compositionis versatile with the multi-mount camera, which alsohas a rotating lens and lasers for built in guides, but when that’s not enough, your iPhone or Android can act as the viewfinder. Composing shots with your helmet may not seem appealing, but after attaching the camera to something likea vehicle, a multitude of inspiration can be found. One more perk is after imported to your computer the GPS function will provide a map when editing with Final Cut Pro or iMovie.

Jackson Wong
Jackson Wong
Jackson is a fan of Star Wars, sports, foley, and games of all kinds.

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