Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 Now Offers GPU Acceleration on Laptops and Additional GPUs

If you’ve ever been frustrated at the fact that your brand new copy of CS5 didn’t work with your shiny new graphics card, your wait may finally be over. Thanks to the newest update from Adobe, which supports two new NVIDIA cards, and has user interface, stability, and performance enhancements, many Premiere CS5 users will see a big bump in speed. One of the biggest changes in this update is the ability to now use laptop grade GPUs for acceleration. As a result, Adobe now supports both the NVIDIA 5000M mobile graphics card and the NVIDIA 4000 for the Mac. Since both of these are the current highest end graphics card offerings from NVIDIA for both Windows based laptops, most people sporting these are most likely already rocking a pretty decent setup. Either way, it’s good to see how quickly Adobe is adding GPUs to its list of Mercury Engine support. The update can be downloaded from Adobe’s website or by going to Help>Updates in any CS5 program that you own.

Dan Bruns is an award winning cinematographer and editor.