One Media Player per Teacher: Changing the World with Video

Since the birth of moving pictures, film and video have been used in all areas of life. For many it’s a source of entertainment, a means of income, or simply a way to spend their free time. For others it has been recognized as a powerful teaching tool that can help change the way we interact and learn about the world around us.

Since 2007, Matt York, Publisher and CEO of Videomaker Magazine, has been helping teachers all over the world to educate its citizens through his organization One Media Player per Teacher (OMPT). “OMPT’s bold idea is to build the capacity of teachers in the most under-served places on earth with the innovative use of specialized, portable, audiovisual devices to deliver educational content. Mini-projectors and digital audio devices (Media Players) are coupled with small, but sufficiently loud, audio speakers to enable groups of up to 100 students to share a high-quality learning experience.” The versatility of the technology allows people in even the most hard-to-reach places of the world to receive quality instructional courses.

“OMPT works with international partners and instructors to provide instructional technology, content and training that helps them accomplish better results with their instructional programs in many areas of international development.” Currently, Matt York is visiting India, and then Bangladesh, to work with three charities: Digital Green (provides advice to farmers), Gram Vikas (provides clean water and sanitation systems), and English-In-Action (a program that teaches the English language). He will also be helping the NGO embrace portable media players for small groups.

For more information on the efforts and progress of One Media Player per Teacher check out its site Or follow Matt on his trip through India and Bangladesh via the OMPT blog.

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