The Great Camera Shootout 2010 – Zacuto Films

Zacuto Films presents, The Great Camera Shootout 2010: a three part web series where gunslinging HD DSLRs face-off against legendary 35mm Film. The webisodic series showcases the top performing hybrid HD-DSLR cameras: Canon: 5D MKII, 7D, 1D, 550D/T2i Rebel, Nikon D3s, Panasonic GH1 and compares the image quality of these cameras against the gold standard of 35mm film. In addition, the Canon 5D MKII test includes the new 24p firmware. “This was an enormous undertaking,” says Steve Weiss, Web Series Director, “and great care was to make this an apples-to-apples test with scientific accuracy behind it.”

I just checked out the first episode, very informative and definitely worth watching. The cast is stacked with industry professionals with lots of experience all giving their thoughts and feedback on DSLRs, tons of side by side tests in real world situations. What are you waiting for? Part one is up, go check it out!

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