Merry X Mas

Today is the day that happens at least once every year…. Thats right, X Mass! And it will be a merry one to all. Which got me thinking about some of my favorite Christmas movies. Who can forget the films we grew up knowing and loving and the memories they bring back around the holidays. I can remember when I saw my mother’s reaction to some of the scenes in Home Alone, and how surprised I was. The memories with my brothers watching Ernest Saves Christmas and laughing until milk would fly out of our nose. Although my favorite had to have been watching the Christmas horror film Santa’s Slay starring ex-professional wrestler Bill Goldberg as a very angry Santa who works for Satan.

One of the everlasting iconic moments of cinematic history as far as X Mas films go took place in the classic The Christmas Story, where the main characters brother licked a frozen pole on a dare and ended up with his tongue getting stuck to it! Our friends at IndyMogul decided to show you how to pull off this trick in their latest edition of Barkyard FX. Take a look, and see if it inspires you to make your very own X Mas classic.

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