Videomaker Webinar Success!

We just got out of our Videomaker Lounge and conference room feeling the glow of our first webinar with our partnership with YouTube. We've watched webinars, but have never conducted one ourselves, so this was a new learning experience for us here at Videomaker. We feel everything went well, the only hitch was not enough time for the live Q&A session at the end of our seminar. But isn't that always the case?!?For those of you who tuned in, thanks ever so much… for those who might be curious about what it was and what we did, stay tuned: we'll be posting the link where you can watch it at your leisure later. If you've never seen a webinar, they're basically like any seminar that you might attend, that has a slideshow presentation and someone talking to attendees about the bullet points on the slides. But in this case, the attendee doesn't have to spend thousands of dollars in airfare, lodging, and registration fees to attend: WE bring it to YOU via your own computer in the comfort of your own home, office or favorite java hangout. Todays seminar was loosely based on Shooting, Lighting and Audio Techniques, a portion of the Basic Production workshop that we conduct here at Videomaker, (without the one-on-one instruction, hands-on training, and group projects, naturally). Were hoping to conduct more of these in the future, and are already in the brain-storming process for new material and are fine-tuning our recent presentation to make it even better. Its a good time to be a video producer!