Verbatim Announces TUFF-‘N’-TINY

Reprinted from a Verbatim press release

Verbatim Americas, LLC announced today its new ”TUFF-N-TINY” family of ultra-portable USB drives with capacities of 4GB in emerald green and 8GB in royal purple. Among the most compact, durable USB flash drives on the market, the new TUFF-‘N’-TINY drives measure about 1-inch long, one-half inch wide and are the thickness of a penny. Ideal for storing, backing up, sharing and transporting data and multimedia files, Verbatim TUFF-‘N’-TINY USB Drives are available with retail prices starting as low as $30.00.

The 8GB drive can be used to store nearly eight hours of MPEG-1 video, about 2,000 hours of MP3 music, about 4,000 300dpi color photos or 8GBs of personal and business files. The drive’s ultra-portability makes it easy for students to carry research and project files from school to home and for business people to have current files with them wherever they go. The drive’s small form factor, durability and high capacity will also appeal to videographers and photographers who want to collaborate with others on post-production projects and quickly move work from one system to another.

Verbatim TUFF-‘N’-TINY USB Drives are significantly more portable and more rugged than standard flash drives because they feature SIP technology which encapsulates all of the electronic components into a single miniaturized and sealed unit. As a result, the tiny drives are resistant to dust, water and static discharges.

For security conscious PC users, the TUFF-‘N’-TINY USB Drives also include password security features to protect sensitive data in a user-defined private zone, while allowing a public zone for open access and sharing of non-sensitive content.

With support for Windows ReadyBoost, the TUFF-‘N’-TINY USB Drive becomes a dual-purpose device for Windows Vista users who want to speed system performance by utilizing a portion of the device’s unused flash memory.

A true Plug-and-Play device, the TUFF-‘N’-TINY USB Drive can be easily connected through a USB 2.0 or USB 1.1 port of a desktop or notebook computer. The system automatically recognizes the drive as a new removable drive as soon as it is connected. Featuring a solid-state design (no moving parts) and non-volatile flash memory, the drives will retain data for 10 years or more.

Availability and Pricing
Designed for Windows Vista, XP or 2000; Mac OS 9.x or higher and Linux kernel 2.6x or higher, Verbatim TUFF-‘N’-TINY USB Drives are available through Verbatim retail and distribution channels. Street prices are about $29.99 for the 4GB drive and $49.99 for the 8GB drive. The
complete package includes the TUFF-‘N’-TINY USB Drive, pre-loaded
password security software for Windows systems, a key ring lanyard and
a Quick Start Guide.

Jennifer O'Rourke
Jennifer O'Rourke
Jennifer O’Rourke is an Emmy award-winning videographer & editor.

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