Active Media Products Introduces Predator GT SATA-II SSDs

From an Active Media Products press release:

8-Channel Controller and 128MB of SDRAM Cache Combined with Flex-Fit Adapter make these SSDs Ideal for High-End Desktops – Active Media Products, manufacturer of unique USB drives including the Obama drive, today introduced the new Predator GT series of 2.5-inch Serial ATA solid state drives that support outrageously fast data transfer speeds and include a Flex-fit adapter bracket to facilitate mounting in 3.5-inch drive bays.

64GB Predator GT SATA-II SSD w/ Flex-fit 3.5-inch bracket (S64G-25P) $199.95
128GB Predator GT SATA-II SSD w/ Flex-fit 3.5-inch bracket (S128G-25P) $369.95

The Predator GT is immediately available through Amazon and other online resellers in 64GB and 128GB capacities. Predator GT SSDs are based on a new 8-channel controller and employ a beefy 128MB SDRAM cache to reach blistering fast speeds. The 128GB model supports sequential write speeds up to 200MB/sec while the 64GB drive supports sequential write speeds up to 120MB/sec. Both models are capable of sequential read speeds up to 220MB/sec and 0.1ms access times.

The Predator GT is encased in a brushed aluminum housing that is physically compatible with 2.5-inch hard drives, making laptop upgrades a breeze. Both models include a Flex-fit 3.5-inch bracket and mounting screws for installing the drives in a standard 3.5-inch desktop drive bay.

“Predator GT SSDs are one of the best possible ways to upgrade your desktop PC because not only do they deliver more punch to your system than most CPU or memory upgrades, they also come with the 3.5-inch mounting hardware to easily fit into your case”, said Jerry Thomson, vice president of marketing at Active Media Products.

Product Specifications

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