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If you create video with the idea of generating income on a local level, heres a look at how some people will receive their local news soon. Inergize Digital and DoApp have created a program for iPhone/iPod touch applications that distribute news, weather and video from local television stations

The Mobile Local News product is designed for television stations, radio stations, magazines, newspapers and other media companies to deliver local content to consumer iPhone and iPod touch devices. The content can include advertising that helps finance the programs and consumers can share the content through the usual sharing means like texting, email and Twittering.

Currently, WOAI, (San Antonio, TX), KTVX, (Salt Lake City, UT), and KLRT, (in Little Rock, AR) television stations are now using this application and we hear the Mobile Local News group is in negotiations to supply our local station here in Chico, California with the service. Well keep you posted on its developments as we find out more. Anyone in the WOAI, KTVX and KLRT station areas might want to give us some updates to how well its received. Product managers say these apps are the worlds first locally branded apps to serve video with ads on iPhone and iPod touch devices.

Whats in it for us? As video producers, we need to keep up on the all the latest means of getting our videos seen. In the case of mobile devices, we need to understand the techniques of shooting for such a small screen. Local TV news programs are hurting a lot due to the fact that many viewers are finding their news on other sources. But the one thing local stations can offer is the uniqueness of covering their own community the best. If advertisers can jump on board this new technology, thats good news for local programming. Read more about the program below.

MINNEAPOLIS, MN May 13, 2009 Inergize Digital and DoApp Inc. today announced Mobile Local News, an iPhone and iPod touch application that distributes locally branded news, weather, sports, politics and entertainment to consumer iPhone and iPod touch mobile digital devices. Television and radio stations, magazines, newspapers and other information publishers deploy Mobile Local News to provide text, images, photo galleries and videos to iPhone and iPod touch users, while leveraging valuable revenue generating opportunities that support todays business environment.

With the current state of the economy, media companies are seeking opportunities to generate revenue by reaching consumers where they are most, said Jason Gould, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Inergize Digital. Media companies leveraging Mobile Local News can reach consumers anywhere at any time through their iPhone and iPod touch mobile devices, providing monetization of consumer requested content through mobile advertising.
Mobile Local News takes the best news stories, features and videos and rolls them into a mobile experience that is a must for iPhone and iPod touch users, said Wade Beavers, Chief Executive Officer at DoApp. Consumers simply download the free Mobile Local News application in the Apple App Store and begin receiving content from their preferred provider. Whether its severe weather, the latest sports scores or learning youre a lottery winner by viewing the numbers, Mobile Local News keeps you in-the-know while youre on-the-go.

Complete Mobile Distribution Solution: Mobile Monetization
Mobile Local News is the worlds first local news application to monetize content and video. Mobile Local News offers two advertising positions: one ad position per page view per category and one ad position that is overlaid on every video, providing multiple opportunities for media companies to generate revenue in each mobile distribution. Ad positions can be sold locally or filled with national ads by Inergize Digital.

Fully Customized User Interface

In Mobile Local News, media companies can locally brand the user interface with logos and styles, extending company brand.

Industry-Leading Technology
Inergize Digital and DoApp leverage the latest technologies to provide a superior user experience in Mobile Local News. With the new, patent-pending navigation system, media companies dynamically add and remove navigation categories and subcategories directly from the user friendly web interface. Media companies can also control content by adding and removing sections that are seasonal or relevant for specific times of the year.

Multi-connection video support is included for the EDGE Network, 3G and WiFi, providing automatic video adjustment for an enhanced viewing experience. Video can be integrated in all content categories and is showcased in the category Video.
Geo-location based weather and advertising provide extended forecasts, weather radar images in real-time, weather videos and local deals in any city at any time.

Superior Content Coverage
Mobile Local News provides a complete content offering, including high-quality story coverage with text, images and videos. Consumers will find the following content categories:

Local News
National News
International News
Worldwide Business News
Sports News and Scores
Weather Forecasts, Current Conditions, Real-Time Radar and Severe Weather Alerts
Geo-Location Based Weather
Geo-Location Based Advertising
Entertainment News
Weird News
Lottery Numbers
Horoscopes for yesterday, today and tomorrow

One-Click Sharing
Consumers can easily share content with family and friends directly from the Mobile Local News application. In one click, users can share story content by e-mail, text message or notify the masses by posting on Twitter, extending company brand and reach.

Pricing and Availability
Mobile Local News is immediately available to television and radio stations, magazines, newspapers and other information publishers on a licensing structure and/or revenue share basis.

Mobile Local News is immediately available to consumers for both the iPhone and iPod touch on the Apple App Store at no cost.

Channel 4, WOAI in San Antonio, Texas, Channel 4, KTVX in Salt Lake City, Utah and Channel 16 KLRT in Little Rock, Arkansas are the worlds first television stations to implement Mobile Local News. The Mobile Local News applications can be downloaded in the Apple App Store at 4 WOAI, 4 KTVX and 16 KLRT.

About Inergize Digital
Inergize Digital is the leader in fully integrated digital management solutions that generate revenue for local media companies. The Companys Content Management System leverages the power of video, mobile distribution, e-mail and syndication delivery, online directories as well as advertising leadership in contests and gaming to create profitable Web sites and campaigns for local television, radio, newspaper, magazine and other media companies. E.W. Scripps, Four Points Media, Liberty Media, Newport Television and New Vision Television Group, among others, rely on Inergize Digital to position their Web sites as the number one source of local information.
For more information, visit www.inergizedigital.com, www.mobilelocalnews.com
About DoApp
DoApp Inc. (www.doapps.com) is a development company of both consumer and business applications (apps) for Web sites, desktops and mobile devices. The Company focuses on making apps “cool” and easy-to-use. The DoApp product portfolio encompasses mobile entertainment, productivity apps and lifestyle apps. The Company is based out of Minnesota with teams in Rochester and Minneapolis. DoApp Inc. is an approved member of the Apple iPhone developer program. Their application portfolio included two applications that made Apples 2008 list of most popular applications.

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Jennifer O'Rourke
Jennifer O'Rourke
Jennifer O’Rourke is an Emmy award-winning videographer & editor.

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