5D Mark II offers Manual Exposure Updates

We just now received word from Canon that manual exposure firmware updates for the 5D Mark II DSLR camera will be coming soon. Canon says the new firmware update is to accommodate the many user requests they've received for manual exposure control while using the 5D it in video mode. A true video or photographic artist must have complete control over focus, exposure, and shutter, and although the manual exposure control was there when shooting stills, the 5D reverted to auto control when set for video recording. To video producers, "auto" is a 4-letter word! While being announced today, this firmware will not be available for download until early June. When we know more about it, we'll let you know. Meanwhile, watch this beautiful video, Reverie, that we discovered recently on filmmaker Stu Maschwitz's site, ProLost. The video, by photographer Vincent LaForet, is 3 minutes long, was shot in 72 hours on a borrowed 5D, and demonstrates the capabilities of video production using this camera… and a lot of photographic skill, tools, and support staff.

Jennifer O’Rourke is an Emmy award-winning videographer & editor.