Another Successful Videomaker Workshop

Videomaker hosted a collection of 15 video enthusiasts this past weekend to our offices in Northern California for our popular Videomaker Basic Production workshop.

After a series of lectures on the basics of video production that included shooting, lighting and editing techniques, we broke the class into two groups, each making their own video story.

Along with our cameras, lights, mics and other assorted video toys, we brought out our crane for some fun shots with one group and a dolly track for the other.

Once the attendees break out into their groups, they sit down to plan out their video for the weekend, using either storyboard or shot-sheet planning guides, and then we get to shooting. Half the day one class shoots in the studio while the other half shoots on location outside, then they rotate, so that each group gets the chance to learn how to work with studio lights inside as well as reflectors and boom mics outdoors.


Within the groups, we also rotate the roles each member plays: Director, Camera op, Audio Monitor, Lighting and Grip, etc; so that everyone gets the chance to see what it’s like directing a crew, shooting a production, lighting a subject and making sure all the elements come together as smoothly as possible. Then, they sit down and edit their masterpiece.

The videos shot this weekend are “Film Focus” and “I Quit, I Quit!” and can be found at:

Along with the popular, “The Videomaker Fight, Charlie versus Tom” and other Videomaker Workshop videos.

Please be kind with your comments, most of the attendees are new to this wonderful business of making video!

Our next workshop is May 1st through the 3rd, and offers the Basic Production class as well as Advanced Editing. There’s still room available for this workshop, and the month of May in Chico California is probably the best weather you can experience!

Come early Thursday for our popular Thursday Night Market, a weekly fun spring-thru-fall event that’s like an outdoor Farmer’s Market combined with a “Small Town Main Street” feel that includes music, food, craft fair and kiddie activities. Mainstreet America doesn’t get better than this!

Hope to see you soon!

Jennifer O'Rourke
Jennifer O'Rourke
Jennifer O’Rourke is an Emmy award-winning videographer & editor.

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