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I just had an interesting conversation which sparked my interest in Video On Demand. Why is it that V.O.D. never caught on? In my personal opinion, it’s what the general public wants. I think that the problem was it has never been marketed correctly. Personally, I think that the future of V.O.D. will become attaching the service to cell phones, MP3s, you name it. All of the technologies will slowly merge together. And consumers will be able to order movies, tv shows, webisodes, download programs, etc. Through their small gadgets & gizmos. I’m curious to see what all of you think. Netfix just reached 10,000 million subs. So the potential is there. What is the future of V.O.D.?

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  1. I agree, I think it will all merge into one. I think the computer will be the digital hub. People will download content to their computers, sync their phones and gadgets, and America will become fatter – especially the next generation of kids. I’m surprised Apple TV hasn’t become hugely popular though. I thought people would be psyched to download things on their computer and then steam it to their TV. Maybe the requirement of an HDTV is what is holding Apple TV back.

  2. America is well on their way to becoming fatter! I think that the timing was off for Apple TV, it probably would have made more sense to be released AFTER the digital transition…

  3. This is all very true, for years I stuck with my good ol’ vcr instead of a dvd player. I also stuck with a Casablanca instead of moving into PC editing, because it was what worked so unless the change was proven there was no point to adjust. I still have yet to update my tv for the same reason, I am not sure whats going to last. I’m kinda holding out for a long lasting OLED TV, but right now it doesn’t seem like the technology exists. And you’re right, looking in the mirror does get more & more frightening everyday!

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