Disc Makers launches Green CD/DVD packaging initiative

reprinted from a Disc Makers press release:

PENNSUAKEN, NJ March 19, 2008 Disc Makers, the nations leading independent media manufacturer, today kicks off its 2008 Green initiative with a special eco-friendly packaging offer to musicians of 1,000 CDs in eco-wallets for just $990. At the same time the company announced that as of January 1st 2008 it has switched to chain-of-custody certified recycled paper and board stock for virtually all its CD and DVD packaging materials, including jewel case and DVD inserts, Digipaks, jackets, wallets, and other board products.

Eco-wallets are printed on recycled board, and use no plastic in the packaging. The card stock is a hefty 15 pt. for extra quality and durability, and the wallets also include the choice of high-gloss or matte UV coating at no extra charge.

The Eco-Wallet offer is just one component of Disc Makers 2008 Green campaign, a company-wide initiative aimed at reducing the companys carbon footprint and encouraging their customers to choose eco-friendly packaging options.

The companys other Green initiatives include:

Designing and promoting green products
Disc Makers has always been in the forefront of designing and promoting low or no-plastic CD and DVD packaging and making them affordable, mainstream options for their customers. These include eco-wallets, Digipaks and wallets; all manufactured using recycled content with little or no plastic.

Recycled paper and board
Disc Makers has switched to recycled stock for virtually all the paper and board it prints on. The company uses materials that contain at least 10% post-consumer recycled content. Disc Makers sources all its paper products from mills that procure
raw materials from lands that are forested in a sustainable manner, without clear-cutting.

Vegetable based inks
All printing is done with non-toxic vegetable-based inks.

Internal recycling
Disc Makers has an aggressive internal recycling program for all waste that can be recycled, including paper trimmings, plastic waste from production overruns or rejects, nickel from CD and DVD stampers, and more.

Smaller minimum orders to reduce unused items

Disc Makers is also reducing waste by allowing customers to buy products in smaller quantities. Disc Makers manufacturing facility can produce smaller quantities of replicated products as low as 300 units. Plus, Disc Makers offers a Short Run Self Service option that allows customers to order smaller duplication orders, even if its only 50, 10, or even one disc.

At Disc Makers, we are working hard to reduce our carbon footprint and be an industry role model when it comes to making environment-friendly products affordable to our customers, explains Tony van Veen, President of Disc Makers. Five years ago we made the CD jacket, which contains no plastic and very little board, one of the dominant packaging formats for independent artists. Today we hope our new eco-wallets will be the next format to get market-wide acceptance.. Its got the same height and width as a standard jewel case, comes with an optional spine, and contains no plastic, so were optimistic that it will be well received by independent artists.

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