Canon Introduces New Line of Standard-Def Camcorders at CES 2008

Reprinted from a Canon press release:

A lineup of nine feature-rich camcorders with breakthrough technology to benefit the consumer – Dual Flash Memory and Advanced Zoom – as well as advances in image quality, ergonomics and battery usage, is being introduced by Canon U.S.A., Inc., at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (Booth #12606). The new models offer a variety of recording formats to appeal to every consumer lifestyle. Of the nine new models being introduced, three models record to Flash Memory, three record to MiniDV tape, and three to DVD.

The new Canon camcorder lineup includes: the FS11 Dual Flash Memory camcorder, FS10 Dual Flash Memory camcorder, FS100 Flash Memory camcorder, ZR950 MiniDV camcorder, ZR930 MiniDV camcorder, ZR900 MiniDV camcorder, DC330* DVD camcorder, DC320* DVD camcorder and the DC310* DVD camcorder. Also being introduced is the DW-100 DVD Burner.** Canon’s core expertise in optics and imaging is represented in each model, offering the best image quality and providing consumers a varied and wide selection, resulting in a complete and rewarding camcorder experience.

“We truly believe we have taken camcorders to another level of performance, especially with the use of Dual Flash Memory and Advanced Zoom – two breakthrough technologies. Regardless of the format a consumer selects, images will be of the highest quality. The technology features add up to a more enriching consumer experience,” said Yuichi Ishizuka, senior vice president and general manager, Consumer Imaging Group, Canon U.S.A.

Leading Technology

Dual Flash Memory – Taking Video to the Next Level

Canon’s breakthrough use of Dual Flash Memory – the ability to record to an internal Flash drive as well as a removable SDHC memory card – allows consumers to experience a new level of performance, style and flexibility. Dual Flash Memory allows consumers to record video to the camcorder’s internal Flash drive even if they do not have a memory card. When the internal Flash drive becomes full, footage can be easily transferred to an SDHC memory card and when it comes time to view their video, the card is simply placed into a memory card reader in a computer or HDTV for instant viewing. Furthermore, having an SDHC memory card slot allows for expandability, since greater capacity can be added in the future by purchasing additional cards.

Flash Memory boasts a number of advantages and end-user benefits for maximum convenience and flexibility. Since Flash Memory is a solid-state memory format and has no moving parts, the camcorder can be smaller, more compact and lighter than ever before, allowing it to be carried anywhere. Additionally, Flash Memory is a highly stable method of storage, and as a result, accidental jolts to the camcorder are less likely to result in failure or data loss. Consumers will also enjoy the camcorder’s low power consumption, which leads to longer battery time. Compared with other types of storage, Flash Memory camcorders are able to read and write data faster, so users can start recording faster and have immediate access to their recorded scenes.

Advanced Zoom – Closing The Distance On Top Image Quality

The new camcorders all feature a new Canon technology known as Advanced Zoom which enhances the zoom capability of each model to a powerful 48x, while maintaining stunning image quality. Canon’s exclusive Advanced Zoom system combines Genuine Canon Optics with Canon’s proprietary DIGIC DV Image Processor to achieve expanded wide angle and telephoto zoom, while retaining superb optical quality throughout the entire zoom range.

New Product Lineup

Canon FS11, FS10 and FS100 Flash Memory Camcorders

The FS11 Dual Flash Memory camcorder offers a 16GB internal Flash drive, for up to 10 hours of video recording, plus adds the flexibility of an SDHC memory card slot. The FS10 Dual Flash Memory camcorder offers an 8GB internal Flash drive, for up to five hours of recording capacity, and also features an SDHC card slot. The FS100 Flash Memory camcorder has an SDHC card slot only, and comes in three stylish colors – silver, navy blue and wine red. All three camcorders share Genuine Canon 48x Advanced Zoom along with a 1.07 Megapixel CCD Image Sensor, and Canon’s DIGIC DV II Image Processor for exceptional color and clarity. An Intelligent Lithium-ion Battery displays the remaining recording time to the minute, and a microphone terminal provides added audio flexibility. Weighing only 9.2 ounces, these ultra-sleek camcorders are just as stunning as the images they capture.

The Canon FS11 Dual Flash Memory, FS10 Dual Flash Memory and FS100 Flash Memory camcorders are scheduled to be available in April, at the estimated retail prices of $599, $499 and $399, respectively.***

Canon DC330, DC320 and DC310 DVD Camcorders*

The DC330, DC320 and DC310 DVD camcorders allow high-quality memories to be captured directly to DVD. The DC310 DVD camcorder features Genuine Canon 41x Advanced Zoom, a 680,000 Pixel CCD Image Sensor, and a large 2.7″ Widescreen LCD Screen. The DC320 DVD camcorder adds the advantage of a Genuine Canon 48x Advanced Zoom, along with a 1.07 Megapixel CCD Image Sensor for crisp, quality video. The DC330 DVD camcorder provides consumers with the added benefit of a USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Terminal, and a Multi-Angle Remote Control. Unlike conventional camcorders, which have an infrared sensor located on the front, the DC330 DVD camcorder’s remote sensor is built into the LCD screen. Consumers can access the remote from any direction, simply by rotating the screen. All three camcorders feature an SDHC memory card slot for storing photos and an LCD Video Light to provide extra illumination in low light conditions.

The Canon DC330, DC320 and DC310 DVD camcorders are scheduled to be available in March, at estimated retail prices of $379, $369 and $349, respectively.***

Canon ZR950, ZR930 and ZR900 MiniDV Camcorders

The new ZR series camcorders utilize the affordable and familiar MiniDV format. The ZR900 MiniDV camcorder offers a Genuine Canon 41x Advanced Zoom and 680,000 Pixel CCD Image Sensor, along with a microphone terminal. The ZR930 MiniDV camcorder adds the power of a Genuine Canon 48x Advanced Zoom, 1.07 Megapixel CCD, Multi-Angle Remote Control and also features a microphone terminal. The ZR950 MiniDV camcorder provides the added flexibility of an SDHC memory card slot for capturing photos, and a USB 2.0 terminal, which allows connectivity to PictBridge-enabled printers.

The Canon ZR900, ZR930 and ZR950 MiniDV camcorders are scheduled to be available in late January, at the estimated retail prices of $249, $269 and $279, respectively.***

DW-100 DVD Burner**

The Canon DW-100 DVD Burner is the perfect companion for Canon Flash Memory and Hard Disk Drive camcorders. It allows a user to burn all, part or previously recorded video from a compatible Canon camcorder. In addition to being able to burn Standard Definition DVDs, the DW-100 can also burn AVCHD DVDs which can be played in compatible Blu-Ray players. The DW-100 DVD Burner has only three buttons: power, record and eject, making operation fast and easy. Unlike other similar yet daunting devices, the DW-100 DVD Burner is designed for one-touch operation: connect via USB, set and burn. The DW-100 can itself act as a player by connecting to an HDTV through the Canon VIXIA HF10, VIXIA HF100 or VIXIA HG10 camcorders.

The Canon DW-100 DVD Burner is scheduled to be available in late April, at the estimated retail price of $269.***

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