From a Noise Industries Press Release: NOISE INDUSTRIES SHIPS FxFACTORY 2.0 Award-winning compositing and effects plugin for Apple Pro Video Applications adds 52 new innovative filters and advanced rendering Boston MA Nov 21, 2007 Noise Industries, developer of visual effects tools for the postproduction and broadcast markets, today announced the availability of FxFactory version 2.0. FxFactory is an extensive 2D / 3D compositing and effects plug-in environment offering over 200 GPU accelerated filters that have been developed for the Apple FxPlug architecture. FxFactory filters extend and enhance the production capabilities of Apple Final Cut Studio 2 (Final Cut Pro 6 and Motion 3) and Final Cut Express 4.0 solutions. FxFactory 2.0 adds a slew of clever organic and temporal based filters that enable users to push the limits of effects production; delivering that unique or realistic look with stunning image quality and outstanding results. FxFactory 2.0 also optimizes core processes and workflows; support for latest OS (Leopard), field-based rendering, and improved contextual controls significantly accelerate overall effects production and delivery. "Aside from our first roll out, FxFactory 2.0 is the most significant release to date, comments Niclas Bahn, director of business development Noise Industries. "We have studied the Apple products closely and been mindful about the development so that every addition to FxFactory extends and compliments effects capabilities in the Apple Pro Apps not mimic them. Our users will find that 2.0 is a quantum leap ahead of its peers in uniqueness and performance. Highlights of FxFactory 2.0 52 new FxFactory plug-ins; a new total of 122 filters, generators, and transitions (which support high-precision rendering). All plug-ins are fully customizable. Some new filter notables; Random Crop – repeatedly crops the image according to a given range and speed, to generate a smooth animation. Light Streaks – animates light streaks originating from a given luminance range in the original image. Heat – simulates both the distortion and color adjustments caused when light passes through a hot gas. Ideal for text treatments Artist Sketch – generates a stylized version of the original image which simulates a black & white artist sketch Redesigned plug-in management interface: provides plug-in previews and the ability to search for specific plug-ins within an FxPack. Improved contextual parameter interface: parameters are disabled and/or hidden when they are not relevant to the current parameter configuration, making the plug-ins even more intuitive to use. Improved Perspective Reflection and Video Conference: easier to use versions of the popular Perspective Reflection and Videoconference plug-ins Field-based rendering: many plugins now incorporate a technique that may double the rendering speed and reduce filtering artifacts. Support for OS X Leopard: FxFactory is now validated for operation on Apple OS 10.5 (Leopard). Support for Apple Final Cut Express 4: FxFactory is now compatible with Final Cut Express version 4.0 or later. Apple Final Cut Studio and Final Cut Express users can test drive FxFactory and partner expansion FxPacks by downloading the 15-day trial version Pricing and Availability Noise Industries FxFactory 2.0 is available today from Noise Industries resellers and direct from the web site FxFactory Pro 2.0 is available for a MSRP of $399.00 USD. FxFactory Pro 1.0 customers can upgrade for a reduced price of $129.00 USD.