reprinted from a Imation press release: Mini Blu-ray discs deliver remarkable capacity for a wide range of HD video applications OAKDALE, Minn. (August 2, 2007) Imation Corp (NYSE: IMN), exclusive licensee of the "TDK Life on Record recording media brand, today announced the global release of 8cm recordable Blu-ray Discs. Available in both BD-R (recordable) and BD-RE (re-recordable), each TDK 8cm Blu-ray Disc offers 7.5 gigabytes of capacity, ample to store 60 minutes of full-quality high-definition video. TDK BD-R (BD-R75A) and BD-RE (BD-RE75A) 8cm Blu-ray Discs will begin shipping in the U.S. in September at manufacturer suggested retail prices (MSRPs) of $24.99 and $34.99, respectively. TDK Corporation manufactures these 8cm recordable Blu-ray Discs using TDK advanced technologies and supplies the product to Imation for sale under the TDK Life on Record brand. "With the introduction of 8cm recordable Blu-ray Discs, were once again extending the capabilities and performance of the Blu-ray format, commented Ron Zinke, vice president, Imation Consumer Division, Americas Region. "By capturing a full 60 minutes of 1080i HD video on remarkably convenient and durable media, TDK 8cm Blu-ray Discs give everyday camcorder users the same capabilities that until now have been exclusively enjoyed by professional videographers. Following are highlights of TDK Life on Record brand 8cm Blu-ray Discs: Each disc is capable of storing 60 minutes of 1080i HD video for lifelike image quality. Users can experience incredible camcorder footage image quality on todays cuttingedge flat-panel display HDTVs. Industry-leading DURABIS 2 hard coating technology, developed by TDK Corporation, safeguards against potential contaminants such as scratches and fingerprints. Since the area of the laser spot on the Blu-ray Disc is small (about one-fifth that of DVD), scratches or dirt on the recording surface can have an especially detrimental effect, causing errors. DURABIS 2 overcomes the issue by offering significantly higher resistance to scratches, and exceptional resistance to dirt and grime (particularly fingerprint smudges). Especially because camcorder media is frequently handed, DURABIS 2 can be trusted for protection. Dual level gold matrix recording surface delivers superior light refraction and high efficiency storage as well as long term storage reliability. Composed of copper and silicon, TDK Corporations exclusive CuSi recording material delivers remarkable, long-lasting performance. The recording material enables fast recording and playback speeds and also makes it possible to realize massive capacities through multi-layering. Although certain types of pens may damage the surfaces of other media, TDK 8cm Blu-ray Discs are specially designed for safe labeling with both oil- and water-based pens. Users can rest assured that their memories are safe and sound with TDK 8cm Blu-ray Discs. TDK Corporation Technologies: Leading The New Blu-ray Disc Frontier A leading innovator of recordable Blu-ray Disc media, TDK Corporation, a supplier of advanced optical products to Imation Corp, utilized its expertise to create the ideal discs for the emerging generation of Blu-ray based HD camcorders. By offering a full 60 minutes of HD recording time and capturing footage directly on removable optical media, TDK 8cm Blu-ray Discs provide unprecedented ease-of-use and performance capabilities to camcorder users. A TDK 8cm Blu-ray Disc can be removed from the camcorder and placed directly in a Blu-ray player for stunning video playback. DURABIS is Durability Because camcorder media is frequently handled in its day-to-day use, exceptional disc surface durability is required. TDK Corporation manufactures its 8cm Blu-ray Discs with DURABIS 2, an industry-leading coating. DURABIS 2 robustly protects the disc surface against common contaminants such as scratches and fingerprints to ensure reliable capturing and playback. Exclusive Spin Coating Technology During recording, the laser passes through a Blu-ray Discs cover layer in its path to the recording layer. Absolute uniformity in the thickness of the cover layer is critical to ensuring precise laser tracking, which is required for reliable performance. TDK Corporations exclusive spin coating technology, which TDK Corporation uses in the Blu-ray Discs it supplies to Imation, creates a cover layer with nano-precise smoothness, ensuring pure recording perfection.