From a TubeMogul Press Release: TUBEMOGUL LAUNCHES UNIVERSAL UPLOAD AND TRACKING TOOL FOR ONLINE VIDEO PUBLISHERS Analytics company integrates multi-site video upload tool with viewership data Berkeley, Calif., July 24th, 2007 — TubeMogul, the online video analytics company, today announced the launch of Load & Track – a new service for video publishers who are sick of wasting hours uploading videos one-by-one, and then tracking each video's performance individually. With Load & Track video publishers, advertisers and marketers can upload videos once and TubeMogul will deploy them to as many of the top video sharing sites as they want. Once uploaded, TubeMogul's integrated analytics kick in to provide a single source of metrics on where, when, and how often the videos are viewed. "There is a rapidly growing need for independent, aggregated viewership metrics, and an equally growing need for multi-site distribution tools," said Brett Wilson, TubeMogul's co-founder and CEO. "We've answer both with a single free service called Load & Track." Content publishers now spend up to 20 percent of their time dealing with day-to-day technology administration tasks such as file uploading and viewership measurement, according to a recent survey conducted by TubeMogul. "Our strength is creating content, and tech admin takes time away from creating," said Sara O'Donnell at Average Betty, an award-winning short-format video series that tosses food and sketch-comedy into a blender and flips the switch. "TubeMogul is not only a huge time saver, but it enables us to stay focused on the creative work that drives our business." Load & Track empowers video publishers, advertisers and marketers by maximizing distribution of content at a fraction of the time it takes to upload to all of the top sites. Its independent information about video performance on the Web's top video sharing sites allows users to optimize their digital marketing strategy and clearly understand each video's value. In addition, Load & Track can greatly increase a video publisher's reach. For example, Brian Brushwood, award-winning magician/comedian, who was part of early testing of the product, nearly quadrupled the number of views by distributing his videos to more sites through use of TubeMogul's new tool. See details on this study at