reprinted from a Panasonic press release: Secaucus NJ (July 30, 2007) Panasonic today announced two new High Definition video camcorders that match the growing consumer demand for large-screen, high-image-quality TVs and the continued evolution toward High Definition video. The new HDC-SD5 and HDC-SX5 camcorders employ cutting-edge imaging technology to capture video recordings that are breathtakingly clear and vibrant, especially when viewed on a high-quality, large screen TV. Both the HDC-SD5 and HDC-SX5 use the AVCHD format to record full-HD video with 1920 x 1080 pixel* resolution. They both employ Panasonic's original 3CCD camera system, a professional broadcast feature, which renders vivid, true-to-life colors, outstanding detail and rich gradation. Both camcorders also boast Panasonics new Advanced O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer) minimizing the effect of hand shake. This technology helps produce crisp, clear images, which is especially important for viewing on large-screen high resolution TVs where image imperfections are easily visible. The HDC-SD5, which records video onto SDHC/SD Memory Cards, debuts as the world's smallest palm-style 3CCD full-HD camcorder**. It is even smaller than its predecessor model, HDC-SD1, giving the SD5 superb portability. The SD5 also features a new USB Host function that significantly improves data storage and playback ease. With an optional newly released DVD burner, model VW-BN1, users can copy or play back video recordings in the original AVCHD format to deliver the ultimate High Definition viewing experience on a large-screen TV. The HDC-SX5 can record full-HD motion images onto both SDHC/SD Memory Cards and DVD discs. It can record up to 180 minutes*** of video on an 8GB**** SDHC Memory Card (available September 2007), and up to 60 minutes*** on a 3-inch DVD-R dual-layer disc. The combined media captures up to 240 minutes of full-HD recording. The SX5 can also copy recorded video from an SDHC/SD Memory Card to a 3-inch DVD disc internally with the touch of a single button, without connecting to a PC. Video can also be recorded on a DVD disc in standard definition (MPEG2) format for playback on a DVD recorder/player. "Panasonics first generation of HD camcorders with the AVCHD format made history in the diffusion of HD, but these new models make Living in High Definition even more of a reality for even more people, said Rudy Vitti, national marketing manager, Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company. "Recording Full HD is easy and convenient with these compact models, so everyday events can be recorded in HD and enjoyed in HD. Its as simple as putting an SD Memory Card into a Plasma TV or sliding a mini DVD into a Blu-ray Disc player. Both HD camcorders will be available in September, with a suggested retail price of $999.95 for the HDC-SD5 and $899.95 for the HDC-SX5. SRP of the VW-BN1 DVD burner will be $199.95. More… New Features and Functions 1920 x 1080 Full-HD Recording (New) While conventional HD recordings have 1,440 pixels in the horizontal direction, full-HD recordings have 1,920. And while conventional recordings have a total of around 1.55 million pixels, full-HD recordings have around 2.07 million about 30% more. In fact, full-HD has the most pixels of any HD format, and thus can render images with unmatched detail and resolution. Advanced O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer) (New) Both the SD5 and SX5 feature Panasonic's new and improved image-stabilization system. The system uses gyro-sensors to detect hand-shake, then shifts a lens and adjusts its optical axis to compensate. Called Advanced O.I.S., this system performs the compensation operation eight times more frequently than Panasonics previous system, thus achieving even greater precision and accuracy. Because this is an optical system, there is virtually no loss of quality, resulting in images that are captured in all their original beauty. Advanced O.I.S. reduces the subtle blurring that can be caused by even a slight bit of hand-shake, and it is truly necessary in an age of large-screen, high-resolution TVs, when every image imperfection is easily visible. 3CCD Camera System Panasonic has downsized its professional 3CCD camera system for use in consumer models. In a 3CCD camera system, the light received through the lens is split into its three primary color components (red, green and blue), and the signal from each is processed by one of the three CCDs. This system, in which three separate CCDs capture and process the light information received through the lens, helps reproduce high-resolution HD images with magnificent color. Leica Dicomar Lens Photographers around the world know Leica Camera AG as a maker of superb cameras and lenses. This company's advanced optical technology has been fused with Panasonic's leading-edge digital technology to create the Leica Dicomar lens. The Leica Dicomar lens provided in the HDC-SD5/HDC-SX5 features 12 lens elements in eight groups and uses low-dispersion optical glass to reduce the blurring of color. A special multi-coating process is applied to the 14 lens element surfaces to minimize chromatic aberration, so images are crisp, clear, and free of flare and ghosting. Pre-Rec (New) With many camcorders it is easy to miss capturing a critical moment, such as a goal being scored. The Pre-Rec function eliminates this problem. When this feature is activated, the camcorder continuously records three seconds of images onto an internal buffer memory. Then when the record button is pressed, the three seconds immediately prior are added at the beginning of the clip recorded. Intelligent Contrast Control (New) This intelligent new function continually measures the ambient light intensity and adjusts the contrast as it changes. Providing control over a wider range of lighting conditions than previous functions, Intelligent Contrast Control helps prevent a washed-out look in bright parts of an image and black-outs in shadowy areas. Images are captured with natural nuances, contrast and depth, even when shooting toward the light source. HD Advanced Pure Color Engine (New) To match the newly developed full-HD CCD, Panasonic has further enhanced its acclaimed Advanced Pure Color Engine image processor. A new noise reduction circuit combines with the new Intelligent Contrast Control circuit to boost image quality while reducing power consumption. Offering superior images and longer battery life, the HD Advanced Pure Color Engine takes camcorder performance to new heights. Wide Viewing Angle LCD Monitor (New) The SD5 and SX5 incorporate a new LCD that has 300,000 pixels and a wide 170-degree viewing angle both vertically and horizontally. The wider viewing angle is a big advantage in high-angle and low-angle shooting. It's a big benefit in playback too, allowing several people at the same time to enjoy viewing a video clip. Power LCD Extra (New) The brightness of the LCD can be set to either of two levels to match the ambient light condition. At the brighter setting, the LCD provides clear, easy viewing even when shooting outdoors on a sunny day. Playback EZ SyncTM The SD5 and SX5 are compatible with Panasonic's EZ SyncTM. Simply connect the SD5 or SX5 to a Panasonic TV via an HDMI cable and follow on-screen prompts to operate the camcorder using the TV remote control. This adds extra ease and convenience to the fun of viewing the full-HD video. Direct Viewing with SD Card Slot The SDHC/SD Memory Card can simply be taken from the SD5 or SX5 and slipped into the card slot of select Panasonic Plasma TV models to view full-HD images recorded in the AVCHD format. Images saved as JPEGs can be viewed using the SD Memory card slot in select Panasonic models as well. Archiving with USB Host Function_SD5_ (New) Simply connect the SD5 via USB cable to Panasonics optional DVD burner VW-BN1 (released at the same time) and press a single button to copy recorded video clips from an SDHC/SD Memory Card to a DVD disc in the original AVCHD format. The copied DVD can be played by the DVD burner, so it is possible to view exciting, large-screen images in HD quality by simply connecting the DVD burner to the HDC-SD5 and the SD5 to an HDTV. One Button Dubbing (SX5) (New) The SX5 is a hybrid camcorder that can record full-HD motion images onto both SDHC/SD Memory Cards and DVD discs. It can copy data from a memory card to a disc internally, without requiring use of a PC or other equipment. This provides a quick, easy way to copy recordings onto a DVD disc for storage and archiving. By simply connecting the SX5 to a TV with an optional HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) cable, the SX5 can also play back the images copied to the DVD disc. Result: easy viewing on a TV without having to use a DVD player. Editing Software "HD Writer 2.0" (SD5/SX5) (New) Full-HD video clips can be easily edited with the software provided or copied onto a DVD disc. The video data can be saved in either the AVCHD or DVD-VIDEO format, depending on how it will be played back. Recordings saved in the full-HD AVCHD format are suitable for playback with a Blu-ray Disc player, while DVD-VIDEO (standard definition) recordings can be played back with a DVD player.