Sonic Studio ships soundBlade

reprinted from a Sonic Studio press release:

Sonic Studio Ships Superfresh soundBlade
Company Begins Distribution of Latest Edition
Marin County, CA June 6, 2007 Sonic Studio, LLC, the leader in ultrafidelity production tools for audio engineers, began shipments today of the 1.2 release of their flagship professional product, soundBlade. First announced at the 122nd convention of the Audio Engineering Society in Vienna, the product has entered distribution channels worldwide.
soundBlade continues to answer a busy engineers need for a streamlined, high fidelity alternative to other PCM production applications. soundBlade combines ease of use and exceptional value with features that speed day to day tasks. Running natively on the secure and user friendly Mac OS X, soundBlade relies on Core Audio for default I/O so hardware lockin is eliminated. The application combines Sonic Studios famed EFM and 4 point editing capabilities with their SSE real time audio engine and exceptional options such as Series 300 DSP I/O processors and the NoNOISE II suite of restoration tools.
The 1.2 release incorporates hundreds of optimizations and stability enhancements as well as almost two dozen feature additions, including the highly anticipated 8 Channel option for surround work. Combining Sonic Studios benchmark premastering functionality with the signal processing, restoration and comprehensive editing that discriminating mastering engineers have been asking for, soundBlade carries an economical MSRP of $1495.
soundBlade is available now through Sonic Studios international network of distributors and channel partners who share the companys commitment to quality and service. For more information, or to arrange a trial run in your studio, visit
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