Apple Computer has released a Final Cut Studio 2.0.1 update to include fixes, more hardware support and AVCHD log and tansfer support. Early reports from the blogosphere, including professional video editors, have noted that the first shipping version Final Cut Studio 2 had a few issues. Most notably, stability issues pertaining to the new Apple Color application, which this update should help to improve. We're mostly excited, however, with the inclusion of AVCHD log and transfer support, which will give users more options with camcorder choices. We're pleased to see Apple responding to their users and posting this update. We have yet to load this Final Cut Studio update on our system, but we'll be doing so soon and finalizing our review. Below are the details from Apple regarding the Final Cut Studio 2.0.1 release: New in Pro Applications Update 2007-01 Includes fixes to underlying frameworks and shared components for the updated Final Cut Studio 2 applications. The Pro Applications update is required to be installed first before installing any of the Final Cut Studio 2.0.1 updates New in Final Cut Pro 6.0.1 Update Improves overall stability, resolves issues with long filenames on non-HFS systems, includes improvements for both FxPlug plug-ins and master templates. Log and Transfer support for the AVCHD format. New in Color 1.0.1 Update Improves overall stability, metadata support from Final Cut Pro and single-display mode. Supports floating-point processing on NVIDIA graphics cards and dissolves of 2K files during rendering. New in Motion 3.0.1 Update Improves overall stability and Final Cut Pro integration. Addresses issues related to 32-bit float projects and rendering of intersecting 3D groups. New in Soundtrack Pro 2.0.1 Update Improves overall stability and performance. Provides updates to audio effect plug-ins. New in Compressor 3.0.1 Update Improves overall stability and performance. Provides compatibility updates for Apple Devices. To find out more visit Final Cut Studio 2 support or download the update