Videomaker Summit Los Angeles Photos

Hi all, I'll leave the major recap to a VM staffer with a bigger vocabulary. But here are a few snaphots from the event. If each photo is worth a thousand words… then this is our longest blog entry ever, at just over 3,000 words. On campus at UCLA with Darrin, an LA Summit attendee. Darrin asked some great questions and contributed to the discussion at the Producing Music Videos seminar. Videomaker LA Summit entrance Entryway into the 2007 LA Summit event. Andrew, Arno and Jeremy We caught up with some friends after the Documentary Production 2-Day Training Classes. Pictured here are Andrew, Arno, and Jeremy. Arno did an excellent job as the leader of 1 of the two Documentary Classes, and even brought in his own gear that he used to shoot a doc recently. Jeremy attended the class and soaked up the expert advice. A big thanks go out to our lectors and organizers!

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