reprinted from a Primera press release: Primera(R) Integrates Dual-Layer, 50GB Panasonic(R) Blu-ray Disc(TM) Recordable Drives Bravo(TM) SE Blu(TM) and Bravo XR-Blu Disc Publishers now burn and print Dual-Layer, 50GB Blu-ray Disc media. PLYMOUTH, MN, USA (May 16, 2007) Primera Technology, Inc., the world's leading developer and manufacturer of CD, DVD and BD duplication and printing equipment, today announced it has integrated Panasonic SW-5582 Blu-ray Recordable Drives in its Bravo SE Blu and Bravo XR-Blu Disc Publishers. The Panasonic SW-5582 drives record onto the widest range of optical media, including CD-R, DVD+/-R (single and dual layer) and BD-R (single and dual layer). Dual-layer BD-R media, which has only recently become commercially available, has a capacity of up to 50GB per disc. Instead of manually burning and printing CDs, DVDs and BDs one at a time, the Bravo SE Blu and Bravo XR-Blu automate the entire process. An advanced, sixth-generation robotic mechanism is used to transport discs into the built-in Panasonic recorder. After recording, each disc is individually printed in full-color at up to 4800 dpi resolution. "We're excited to be integrating Panasonic recordable drives into our disc publishers, said Mark D. Strobel, Primera Technology's Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "Dual-layer BD-R, with its 50GB capacity, allows organizations to store massive amounts of data on highly-reliable and cost-effective optical disc media. This ground-breaking technology opens up many new applications and opportunities for our integrators and end-users alike. "Panasonic and Primera have strong reputations for providing reliable, technologically-advanced products, said Robin Sweeten, Group Manager, Strategic Marketing for Panasonic Industrial Company (USA). "The integration of our high-capacity Blu-ray recorders in Primera's industry-leading disc publishers offers a new standard for value and performance. Emerging markets for Blu-ray Disc media include broadcast, video and film production, backup and archival, gaming and much more. With Bravo SE Blu's capacity of 20 discs, up to 1TB of native data can be written at one time. With Bravo XR-Blu's capacity of 50 discs, native capacity more than doubles to 2.5TB. The Bravo SE Blu sells for US$2995 (MSRP) and Bravo XR-Blu sells for US$5295 (MSRP). Both units are available immediately through Primera's resellers and distributors in more than 85 countries.