Digital Juice announces Sound FXII: massive sound effect library

reprinted from a Digital Juice press release:

Sound FXII: A Massive Sequel for Digital Juice


Lake Mary, FL, April 2007– Listen. Do you hear that? Every video production needs the right sound to help bring the pictures to life. Sound can evoke an emotion or incite a reaction. Either way, having the sound you need is crucial and Digital Juice is ready to open your ears with the biggest sequel in our history, Sound FX II. It follows the 2005 release of the original Digital Juice Sound FX Library which, at the time, was the most comprehensive sound effects library available. Sound FX II takes sound editing for all of your projects to a whole new level. More sounds, bigger sounds… lots of sounds!


Now, prepare your mind because we're about to blow it! This 12 DVD library holds over 15,700 different sounds. The collection is broken up into 4 main classes:


General FX: New customer requested sounds from cartoon effects to hundreds of new footsteps and all kinds of other cool stuff! A massive 18 hours of sound will cover any need!


Human FX: With over 3000 total clips, you'll find hundreds of announcer phrases and other people powered effects. Get instant access to professional voiceovers, from both male and female announcers, without hiring the talent or logging studio time.


Noise FX: Our in-house sound designers created a whole new collection of sounds to work directly with our Editor's Tool Kit and MDE packages. Load up the new Juicer 3 and export your animations with cool coordinated, custom sounds.


Musical FX: New musicians… new categories. From individual musical elements to short hooks and catchy melodies, these cuts will be music to your ears!


To hear more, logon to and head to the product gallery. There, you can listen to demos from the collection and pick up the complete set for just $249. Do it now and get the original Sound FX library for just $199 more! That's an additional 11,000 individual sounds with millions of possibilities! Download the free Juicer 3 processing software and you'll have everything you need to build killer tracks, right at your fingertips!

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