Tiffen DFX Announcement at NAB2007

Tiffen announces Dfx digital filter suite,
a major breakthrough in total image control software!

Las Vegas, NV- Tiffen, the worlds premier manufacturer and distributor of award-winning Tiffen filters, and other well-respected brand name products to the consumer, video, motion picture and television imaging markets, is proud to announce the introduction of its Tiffen Dfx digital filter suite software.

Tiffen Dfx digital filters represent a major technological breakthrough that complements and expands the extraordinary creative control Tiffen optical filters bring to still, film and video, blurring the line between traditional and digital image control. Unlike other filter software, Tiffen Dfx filters offer effects that simulate the extensive range of Tiffens world-renowned optical filters, plus much more!
Providing ease of use, unmatched performance, tremendous flexibility, and infinite creative control, Tiffen Dfx quite literally offers something for everyone, whether photo enthusiast, professional photographer, cinematographer or editoranyone who wants precision control over their images.
This new digital filter software is offered as comprehensive stand-alones as well as a suite of application-specific plug-ins that seamlessly integrate with todays most popular still image-manipulation. Also available, is a separate suite of plug-ins for video post-production applications.
The stand-alone edition is expected to quickly become an invaluable tool for cinematographers wanting to present the Tiffen optical filter effect to others as a pre-visualization. Both the plug-in and stand-alone editions are compatible with todays Windows or Macintosh computers as well as the latest versions of software.
The result is the culmination of years of research by Tiffen, further developed in conjunction with one of the leading visual effects developers serving the still, television and motion picture markets.

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