This grabbed our attention

The National Sunflower Association is at it again, trying to get you to grab a sack of sunflower seeds with your buddies for a seed crackin'-n-spittin' good time. Not only that, but they're also sponsoring a video contest with a $10,000 cash prize at We were tipped-off by their marketing department this week that one of the participant's submissions (and Week 2 winner, nonetheless) featured our magazine (seen here, the July 2006 issue). We couldn't be more proud and we'd like to think that we had something to do with their success. We'd also like to take a moment and suggest that if you're still reading the July 2006 issue it just might be time for you to renew your subscription–just a thought. No, jokes aside, we really appreciate seeing our fans and readers in the act of making video and enjoying our magazine with a sack of sunflower seeds. It's really an unbeatable combo. To watch the Week 2 Winner and a shameless Videomaker product placement click the image above (it might take a minute to load the video).