New Lowel Rifa eXchange light

New Rifa's Push & Twist Quick Exchange Lampheads Increase Options. Lowel, the Academy Award winning world leader in location lighting for film & video, introduces a revolutionary upgrade to their popular, 60 second setup, Rifa Softlight System. The new Lowel Rifa eXchange System (or Rifa eX for short) is a set of 4 updated Rifa's that replace the current models while greatly expanding their versatility. Each new model of Rifa comes with a standard lamphead that uses the same Rifa lamps as always. The twist is literally that the lampheads can quickly swap for accessory heads, with a push & a twist. The lampheads take screw-threaded daylight fluorescent lamps, single or in cluster, as well as lower wattage & lower voltage tungsten-halogen & incandescent lamps. Now, larger models of Rifa can use lower wattage lamps for reduced output with the same beautiful Rifa softness. High CRI 5500k fluorescent lamps make lighting in daylit environments with Rifa eX a breeze, too. For those with previous models of Lowel Rifa, looking to move up to the eXchange System, simple upgrade kits will be available soon. For a downloadable high res 300dpi RGB jpeg of the Lowel Rifa eXchange to convert for printing, choose the Media Access link from the home page.

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