Digital Anarchy debuts ToonIt!

Digital Anarchy, a leading provider of cost-effective special
effects software, will showcase several products at the NAB Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada
from April 16-19, 2007. These highlights include the preview of a new cartooning filter suite and the
unveiling of a speed-driven creative plugin set.
ToonIt!: Give Footage a Cartoon Look
Finally, a cartooning effects package that delivers as expected. ToonIt! 1.0 will reliably and easily
create cartoon-like images from video footage, photographs and still images. ToonIt! uses advanced
algorithms from Toonamation to create cartoon shading and lines. Customize the toon effect for
almost any image with styles like Flat Cartoon, Graphic Novel, Line Art, and Pen & Ink. ToonIt! frees
artists from time consuming techniques such as hand painting, rotoscoping and Action sets. Digital
Anarchy will preview two packages, one for video/motion applications like After Effects and Final Cut
Pro and a second for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.
PlasmaFX: Creative Effects at Lightning Speed
PlasmaFX 1.0 is a collection of powerful, fast effects that create a variety of custom effects ranging
from image processing to film looks and particle systems. PlasmaFX plugins are based on Apple's
Core Image system and FxPlug architecture, and take full advantage of new, multi-core CPUs and
enhanced graphics cards. The filters run and render very quickly within Apple native applications like
Final Cut Pro and Motion, and are also supported in After Effects.
Other new Digital Anarchy products include version 3.0 of Primatte Chromakey for Photoshop. This
robust update to Primatte adds more automatic masking features, an improved interface, and new
support for OS and host applications.

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